May 12, 2017

Once Again US Proves It Is Israel’s Number One Enabler

Haley_Nikki-03.jpgThe US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, explained at the 2017 AIPAC convention how she led the charge to cover Israel's apartheid tracks as documented by the UN's report,  "Israeli Practices Toward the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid," This report clearly exposed Israel as an apartheid state. And, most of the world already knows this. Armed with no arguments against the carefully researched and documented report, Haley resorted to attacking one of the report's authors, Richard Falk, a respected international law and international relations scholar who taught at Princeton University for 40 years. Richard Falk also happens to be Jewish. An ad hominem attack like this on a Zionist Jew would have been met with cries of antisemitism and calls for a resignation. This poweful, 4 minute video of UN Ambassador Haley's appearance at the AIPAC convention on March 27, 2017 was put together by our friends and allies at If Americans Knew. For details and analysis of the UN report, listen to WHTT's podcasts, "The Israeli Emperor Has No Clothes, Part I - The Unveiling" & Part II - Exposing the Facts."

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May 8, 2017

Jewish Resistance To Israeli Occupation of Palestine Grows Steadily

Jews_Against_Occupation.jpgIsrael. enabled by its financial backer and pit bull protector, the United States government, will continue its path to national suicide unless it receives outside pressure to end its brutal, military occupation of Palestine. Fortunately, more Jewish people are waking up to the perils Israel is facing. In the groundbreaking documentary, "Jews Step Forward," numerous American Jews relate their stories of their journey out of zionism into questioning and challenging the actions of Israel. This is the 3 1/2 minute trailer.

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Apr 3, 2017

Jewish Power Myth or Reality?

Dershowitz_Alan-04.jpgIn his recent address to the ultra-Zionist and war-mongering Stand With Us, Alan Dershowitz said; “people say Jews are too powerful, too strong, too rich, we control the media, we’ve too much this, too much that and we often apologetically deny our strength and our power. Don’t do that!” Internationally acclaimed, Israeli musician, Gilad Atzmon, reported this in an article he wrote, "Alan Dershowitz - The Keys to Athens." that should be read before watching the one minute clip of the pronoucement by Alan Dershowitz.

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Mar 9, 2017

Palestinian Memories-The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People

Awad_Huda-01.jpgIn this video presentation, our Palestinian friend, Rev. Alex Awad, tells the remarkable and inspiring story of his mother, Huda Awad, who was left as a widow with seven children in 1948, during the Zionist takeover of Palestine. Alex gives a unique look at the Israeli/Palestine conflict as a Palestinian Christian. This presentation is based on his fascinating book, "Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People." Alex's older brother, Bishara, founded the evangelical Christian college, Bethlehem Bible College in 1979. Alex served as the pastor at the East Jerusalem Baptist Chruch and Dean of Student Affairs at Bethlehem Bible College. Sadly, most American Christians are unaware of the plight of Palestinians Christians. In addition to watching Alex's presentation, we recommend this article by Alex Awad that will challenge those Christians who believe that God gave the land of Israel in 1948 to Jews only: "Palestinian Christians in the Shawdow of Christian Zionists." (59 minutes)

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Feb 17, 2017

Christian Zionists Practice Israel Worship

CUFI-01.jpgThis excellent and balanced news report from Australia exposes the war based religion that is known as Christian Zionism. Even though this program was originally aired in 2007, it is still accurate and applicable now. The reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Company interviews Christian Zionist. mega church, Pastor John Hagee who founded the pro-Israel lobby, Christians United For Israel (CUFI), the Christian Zionist version of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). A Jewish rabbi in Hagee's home town of San Antonio, TX, that is interviewed expresses that Hagee's agenda is detrimental to Jews in America and to Israel. Also interviewed is the Palestinian Ambassor. who is a Christian, and who says that Hagee's brand of Christianity is an embarassment to Palestinian Christians. (17 mins.)

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Jan 2, 2017

Israel Is Walling Off Bethlehem, The Birth Place of Jesus

Millions of American Christians are unaware of the plight of the city of Bethlehem and its Palestinian inhabitants in the West Bank of Palestine. The Israeli built separation wall snakes its way around Bethlehem, even cutting off Palestinians from their own land and nearby Jerusalem. This story is courageously told by Palestinian filmmaker, Leila Sansour in her Open, Bethlehem documentary that is part of a campaign to educate her fellow Christians and the world about the stranglehold by Israel that is slowly causing Palestinian Christians to leave the Holy Land because of the hardships imposed by the military occupation. To increase the awareness of what is happening to Bethlehem, a Bethlehem Passport is being issued by the OPEN BETHLEHEM campaign in partnership with the Governorate of Bethlehem.  So far, the passport has been granted to more than 500 people around the world, including church leaders and heads of states, such as Archbishop Rowan Williams, Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Jimmy Carter. The passport states: “In that the bearer of this passport is a citizen of Bethlehem; that they recognize this ancient city provides a light to the world, and to all people who uphold the values of a just and open society; that they will remain a true friend to Bethlehem through its imprisonment, and that they will strive to keep the ideals of Bethlehem alive as long as the wall stands; we ask you to respect the bearer of the passport and to let them pass freely.” Showings of Open, Bethlehem are starting in the United States after a successful introduction in the UK. Check the website for showings, or the complete documentary can be seen on line (Click Here). This is the 4 minute trailer.  For more information on Liela Sansour's campaign to bring down the wall around Bethlehem check out the Huffington Post UK article.
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Jan 2, 2017

The Plight Of Millions Of Palestinian Refugees Is Hidden In Plain View by Israel

In her first on-the-ground report "Inside Palestine's Refugee Camps", Abby Martin of The Empire Files, gives an eye-opening look at two of the most attacked refugee camps in the West Bank of Palestine: Balata (near Nablus) and Aida (near Bethlehem) camps.  There have been millions of Palestinians living in crowded refugee camps since 1948 when they were forced from their homes by the advancing Zionists during the founding of the modern, secular, apostate state of Israel. (26 min.) Meanwhile, millions of American Christians are oblivious to the plight of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, where it is being walled off by Israel. (See our story, "Israel Is Walling Off Bethlehem, The Birth Place of Jesus")
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Aug 29, 2016

Palestine Is Still The Issue

Australian journalist and filmmaker, John Pilger, first made a documentary about the Israel/ Palestine conflict in 1977. After the second Palestinian Intifada (Arabic for "tremor") in 2002, John Pilger returned to Palestine to make another groundbreaking documentary, Palestine Is Still The Issue. Even after 14 years, this remarkable documentary is still valid about the ongoing Israel/ Palestine conflict where illegal Jewish settlements continue to expand into the West Bank of Palestine and an oppressive Israeli military occupation rules Palestinian lives every day. John interviews both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs to expose the true nature of the conflict. This 52 minute documentary is a must watch, as are other John Pilger films that can be found at:
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Feb 22, 2016

Remembering the Palestinian Nakba: The Sands of Sorrow

Our friends at the Free Palestine Movement (FPM) are organizing a North America Nakba Tour to raise the awareness of the Nakba, the Catastrophe, of 1948, where over 700,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes and over 400 of their villages were destroyed by the Zionists founders of Israel and their terrorist operations, like the Irgun and the Stern Gang. For background on the Nakba, please watch this historic documentary, Sands of Sorrow, made in 1950. Please check FPM's website to find out  If the tour is coming to your city and how you can help to educate others about the issue.
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Aug 31, 2015

Putin, Lots of Horses and the End Times Scenario of Christian Zionists


In this four minute video, Chuck Carlson reveals a new threat from Vladimir Putin and Russia that our Christian Zionist friends will give a hearty "Amen" in response.  Others may scratch their heads.  Chuck learned this little known secret from missionaries who spent many years in and around Russia. Honest, we aren't making this up.  Judge for yourself.
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Sep 14, 2015

Educating Bernando LaPallo About Palestine On His 114th Birthday

We took the occasion of Bernando LaPallo's 114th birthday celebration to plant some seeds about the Israel/Palestine issue.  Our gift to Bernando was the inspiring documentary, "Al Helm:  Martin Luther King in Palestine."  In this 7 1/2 minute video about our presentation to Bernando, we included at the end, the 2 1/2 minute "Al Helm..." trailer (a crash course on the conflict).  "Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine" is about a black American, Christian choir that accompanies a Palestinian theater troupe in a play about Dr. Martin Luther King in which Dr. King is played by a Palestinian.  The play was performed in several cities in the West Bank of Palestine.  None of the choir members had been to Israel before.  Their firsthand experiences in Palestine opened their eyes to the brutal nature of the Israeli occupation that Palestinians live under.   
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Aug 16, 2015

How Israel Steals Land From Palestinians “Legally”

In Israel, it's no secret that there are over 50 laws that discriminate against their Arab (Palestinian) citizens, and, that Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza are subject to military occupation laws.  This is an Israel Social TV production in Hebrew with English subtitles that provides an excellent example of how the Israeli legal system really works, in less than five minutes. After destroying Palestinian orchards, the Jerusalem municipal authority says that gardens are to be planted where the orchards were, in preparation for a National Park.
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Jul 9, 2015

Israeli Siege On Gaza Continues After Attack One Year Ago


In this eye-opening, two minute video from UK's Channel 4 News, the on the ground comparison from after the Israeli 51 day attack on Gaza ending in August, 2014 and June, 2015, shows how very little of the damage has been repaired.  A Channel 4 story, "Destruction in Gaza - a year after massive conflict" quotes Stephanie Dujarric, a UN secretary-general spokesman, "315 days after the conflict took place, not a single totally destroyed house, of which there are over 12,000 [over 100,000 houses were damaged], has been rebuilt...This leaves some 120,000 people homeless, coming in addition to the high level of youth unemployment and lack of prospect for Gaza's youth.  This situation leaves a time bomb for the region, said the commissioner general." End the Israeli Siege on Gaza, Now!
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Jul 4, 2015

Pastor Greg Boyd Explains Pro-Israel Scripture Twisting


About 80% of evangelicals believe that the nation of Israel is still God’s chosen land. One view, known as “Christian Zionism” is the belief that the nation of Israel is still central to God’s plan – that the Jews are still God’s chosen people, that the land that was given to the nation of Israel by God is still their land by divine right, and, that anyone who tries to take it away from the Jews will incur the wrath of God.  But there are important things at stake here in the “twisted scriptures” used to justify the Christian Zionist position.  Many Christians are obstructing peace in the Middle East. Misinterpreting what the Bible says about the nation of Israel can have huge ramifications for how we think about God, the Gospel message, Jesus, and so on, says Pastor Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills Church in his powerful and unique message.  For more videos on Christian Zionism, Click Here.

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Mar 8, 2015

Is Israel An Apartheid State Or Worse

Some people insist thereIsraelWall-18-the-wall.jpg is apartheid in Israel while others vehemently deny the charge.  You be the judge in this hard hitting and humorous look at the issue in just two minutes. South African Bishop Desmond Tutu claims that in Israel, it's not like the apartheid in South Africa, but much worse...apartheid on steroids.
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Feb 11, 2015

Creative Messages To Challenge Israel’s Brutal Occupation of Palestine

Near Bethlehem the Israeli IsraelWall-27-Anastas-home-Bethlehem.jpgseparation / apartheid wall gets crazy like the whole idea that it is.  A Palestinian family has the wall surrounding  three sides of their house.  We really admire the folks at the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign ( for their creative campaigns to spread awareness to millions of uninformed Americans about Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine. This short ad for their campaign will make you smile (or, see red if you're a Zionist of the Christian flavor or otherwise)..
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Dec 15, 2014

Corn For Food, Not Ethanol Fuel

This two minute video, produced by Corn For Food Not Fuel, explains how our nation's policy of burning corn in our gas tanks is causing an increase in the price of meat and poultry at the grocery store.
And, the use of corn ethanol for fuel doesn't make sense for environmental reasons, either.  For more detailed analysis on the ethanol issue check out these resources: 1. Articles by Chuck Carlson: Ethanol and Starvation; 2. Podcasts by Chuck Carlson: Ethanol; 3. "It's Final - Corn Ethanol Is of No Use," James Conca, Forbes, 4/20/2014
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Nov 25, 2014

PR Propaganda Conditions Americans For War & Overthrow By the US

Americans may be the freest people on the planet, but they are one of the most conditioned.  In this fascinating, 14 minute documentary, the effects of Edward Bernays' life work are explored.  Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and the founder of modern public relations (a euphemism for propaganda).  Some of his many "accomplishments" included: 1. Selling Americans on fighting in World War I in 1917; 2. Getting women to smoke; 3. Conducting a propaganda war against a democratically elected leader in Guatemala; 4. Persuading Americans to accept the addition of a toxic waste, bi-product, sodium fluoride to their water supplies; 5. And yes, even getting Americans to eat more bacon.  Our thanks to Ben and Matt at Stuff They Don't Want You to Know for this history lesson.
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Jun 23, 2015

Israel’s Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Children

The evidence is mounting about the draconian measures employed by Israel to control Palestinians, even children. You won't ever see a compelling, 11 minute report like this one from the UK by, in America's mainstream media.  Cell 36 in Al Jalame prison, northern Israel, is one of a handful of cells where Palestinian children are locked in solitary confinement for days or even weeks.  Even the British government has raised concerns about Israel's treatment of Palestinian minors arrested and interrogated for stone-throwing and other crimes. (Guardian)
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Oct 18, 2014

John Hagee of CUFI Weighs In On Ebola Judgment Against US by God

Just when you thought it was safe to get into the water, John Hagee of Christians United For Israel has declared, on the Hagee Hotline program, that President Obama is not sufficiently kind to Israel.  It seems the President wants to keep the "true " capital of Israel, Jerusalem, divided between Palestinians and Jews rather then uniting it under Israel.  Hagee contends that this will result in a judgment by God against the United States in the form of the Ebola outbreak.  This is one and half minute segment extracted from the Hagee Hotline program, hosted by Mathew Hagee (son of John Hagee), left us amazed. You can watch the entire program by going to Hagee Hotline [the program has been removed as of 11/17/2014. Imagine that!] but you will have to sign by giving your name and email address (but, hey, it's free and one of the best entertainment values around!).
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Oct 12, 2014

The US Needs Credible Enemies Like ISIL For Oiling Its War Machinery

Sometimes, you have to step back to get the whole, big picture, of America's latest enemies.  Over the decades, the US has developed many innovative ways to create new enemies.  This Australian documentary, Iraq's Missing Billions (2006), demonstrates this during the US administered, initial rebuilding of Iraq's damaged infrastructure after the 2003 Gulf War.  The squandering of the Iraqis' own money by the US, shown in this documentary, is disgusting, but informative.  For some more relevant background to the ISIL/ISIS/IS phenomena, read John Pilger historical context article, "From Pol Pot to ISIS." Then, if you haven't seen John Pilger's documentary The War You Don't See, watch it to learn how Americans are conditioned to accept the United States' serial wars.  Finally, Mike Whitney's article,"America's 'Terrorist Academy' in Iraq Produced ISIS Leaders," sheds some new light on ISIL.
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Aug 4, 2014

Racist Zionist Israel Is Barbaric

RaniaMasri-ZionistIsraelIsBarbaric-20140No matter how much the Zionist state of Israel's propaganda machine, our cowardly US president, Congress and main stream media try to cover up its brutal and punitive attack on Gaza, more and more people are finding out the truth that Israel's actions are barbaric. This video was taken from a rally held in Texas to support Palestinians and oppose Israel's genocidal actions in "Operation Protective Edge." Rania Masri eloquently enumerates Israel's acts of barbarism to the crowd.
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Jul 12, 2014

Are Putin & Russia Getting Ready for WWIII & Armaggedon?


It turns out that Chuck Carlson learned some "Top Secret" information from a missionary to Russia at a recent high school reunion he attended in South Dakota.  And, as a public service, we are passing it along to you. This piece is one of those curious nuggets of conversation that occurs before we start a podcast program.  We think many Christian Zionists will want to go to the bank with this story and pass it on to the rest of the flock who are getting ready (for sure, this time) for the end times.


Jul 14, 2014

Will Israel Get Away With Murdering Innocent Palestinian Women & Children in Gaza…Again?

We Hold These Truths joined the Arizona State University chapter of Students For Justice In Palestine's rally held in Tempe, AZ to show support for the Palestinians in Gaza who are, for the third time in less than five years, being brutalized by Israel's latest supplement to their ongoing military occupation of Palestine...Operation Protective Edge.  These attacks by Israel demonstrate their affinity to making disproportional assaults against the Palestinians, and, Israel's collective punishment mentality.  You won't see this on FOX News!  So, please pass this four minute video report of the rally on to a friend. It, also, includes an appeal to the viewer to watch our award winning documentary, Christian Zionist: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I.
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May 20, 2014

The Killing of Innocent Palestinian Children by Israel Convicts A Christian Zionist

During Operation Cast Lead by the Israeli Occupation Forces ending in Jan., 2009, over 300 Gaza-2009-01a.gifinnocent, Palestinian children, such as this child from Gaza, were brutally murdered.
Lorrie Rutledge, from Michigan, was a Christian Zionist but she didn't know she was one because her pastors had told her that the modern state of Israel was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and deserved support by Christians, and, she never questioned them.  One day, a friend of Lorrie asked her to watch a video that showed pictures of murdered Palestinian children.  Lorrie went to work to find out if what she saw was really true.  This podcast is about Lorrie's journey out of Christian Zionism.  Don't miss it. It's very inspiring.  And, if your not sure about the Israeli treatment against Palestinian children, you need to watch the recent Australian Broadcasting Company's documentary about the brutal and ongoing attacks against Palestinian Children.  Click Here

May 18, 2014

Major Media Expose of Israeli Attacks On Palestinian Children

It's no surprise that the "major media" source for this documentary was not found in the US where politicians are attacked if they mention Israel and "occupation" or "military occupation" in the same sentence.  The ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Company) program, "Four Corners" in conjunction with The Australian newspaper, has produced an amazing 45 minute documentary, Stone Cold Justice about the ongoing, brutal practices used by the Israeli, military occupation, forces against Palestinian children.  The program was aired several times on national Australian TV in February, 2014.  Please watch and spread the news.
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Mar 15, 2014

Selling Perpetual War

The United States and Great Britain, to a lesser extent, have war based economies.  John Pilger's compelling documentary, The War You Don't See, shows how government propaganda, disseminated through the main stream media, using embedded journalists, molds public support for these wars.  In addition to analyzing the Afghan and Iraqi Wars, John Pilger looks at the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid ships in May, 2010 and shows the propaganda used to make it look like Israel was the victim, even though the IDF killed 9 civilians in a brutal attack, in international waters, on the aid ships.  This is a must see documentary to look inside the Warmakers' wars to better understand the conditioning process that gets Americans to fervently support our serial wars.
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Feb 28, 2014

Legal And Tender At The Federal Reserve


While rummaging through the cellar at WHTT, we happened upon some Serious Non-Sequitur Satire written after the housing bubble in 2008.  Is the next US crisis going to be due to a student loan bubble? If you are fuzzy over the logic of government financial recovery programs, this piece will help clear the air of flying debris.  And, be sure to duck when getting off the elevator.
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Mar 1, 2014

Exposing AIPAC For What It Really Is

We couldn't resist adding this piece of serious satire developed from a clip to promote the 20014 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference in Washington, DC where politicians with different stripes go to swear their allegiance to Israel . If truth in advertising laws were enforced, this revised promo would pass muster.  Christian Zionists, like John Hagee, worship at the feet of AIPAC.
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Feb 22, 2014


Here's a piece of ancient Serious Non-Sequitur Satire we just uncovered that makes as much sense today as the US government's ongoing economy, jump starting plans.  It was written by our resident, unpaid satirist who has subsequently been laid off since we didn't have the funds to keep him on staff.   It was written in 2009 after the deadly attack on Gaza where over 1300 innocent civilians were killed by Israel in their "Operation Cast Lead" (our two podcasts that talk about this are:  "Operation Cast Lead Is "Zionese" For Killing People" & "Operation Cast Lead: Israelis Remember The Brutality of The IDF").  If you missed our first U-DA-MAN recovery plan you can still see it here.
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Dec 18, 2014

The Tower of Babel & The Formation of Languages

Evolutionists claim that languages evolved from a common language.  The most prominent linguist of the 20th Century, Noam Chomsky says that language could not have evolved because of a phenomenon known as irreducible complexity.  In this fascinating presentation by Ron Moe, a lexicographer and linguistic consultant, the biblical story of the Tower of Babel and the formation of languages is revisited with some very interesting insights and conclusions.  Ron Moe's most significant accomplishment during his career is the development of a revolutionary word collection method that dramatically shortens the time to create dictionaries for spoken only languages.  
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Oct 21, 2013

WHTT Has Been Challenging Christian Zionist Churches Since 2002

We Hold These Truths has conducted over 100 vigils in the past 12 years around the country.  Most of these events go unnoticed by the media but they are remembered by church goers.  Before the 2003 Gulf War started, our vigil at a large Christian Zionist church in Tempe, AZ was newsworthy.  This short video contains news reports aired January, 19, 2003 on three Phoenix TV stations.
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Apr 21, 2013

WHTT Objects To Killing Innocent Children With Drones

WHTT joined Cindy Sheehan at her Tour de Peace stop in Phoenix to protest the use of drones by President Obama, that has resulted in the death of many innocent children in countries like Pakistan and Yemen.  The death of Cindy's son, Casey, in Iraq, emboldened her to become an anti-war activist.  We Hold These Truths member Leslie Fort (at left in picture) helped read the names of the innocent children killed by drones in front of Senator John McCain's Phoenix office.  Travis Steel, a WHTT director holds the "Who Would Jesus Bomb...or Drone?" sign on  the right.  This video is one of Cindy Sheehan's travel logs made along her journey from California to Washington, DC via bicycle.

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Apr 22, 2013


Normally vigils by We Hold These Truths, conducted in front of Christian Zionist churches or events, are ignored by the media.  In the case of a vigil in Fresno, CA conducted by David Jacobs, Pastor Jim Franklin of the Cornerstone Church in downtown Fresno was so upset by the presence of WHTT and our controversial signs like Blessed Are The Peacemakers, Choose Life Not War and Who Would Jesus Bomb? (a new version of this is: Who Would Jesus Drone?, a corollary to the well known WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?), that he called out the media.  Mr. Franklin has a local talk show and must have some clout because one of the local stations, KFSN (channel 30), an ABC affiliate showed up and did an excellent and fair job of reporting our vigil.  It's only just over a minute but packs a punch.  Pastor Jim Franklin has hosted a number of events for John Hagee and CUFI (Christians United For Israel) at his church that bares the same name as John Hagee's home church, Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, TX.

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Feb 2, 2013

What If Israeli Youth Decide To End Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi teamed up with Palestinian farmer, Emad Burnat, to create a documentary, 5 Broken Cameras, that has been nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Documentary."  It tells the story of the non-violent protests conducted, over seven years, by a West Bank village, Bil'in (surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements) in an effort to stop the confiscation of Palestinian lands by Israel.  The Israeli Ministry of Education has banned the showing of the film in schools, although it has been aired on two Israeli documentary channels and shown at theaters.  This short video shows the reaction to a film showing to a group of Israeli students.  Watch this and you will be amazed at the hope that this film could generate on both sides of the conflict.  We've seen 5 Broken Cameras and it is very powerful and moving.

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Jan 14, 2013


Here in the US, millions of Christians have been conditioned to fear, and even hate Muslims. We hope that this very touching video will be viewed widely by Christians and Muslims of good will throughout the world.

Jul 13, 2012

Conditioning Americans for War: To Believe Or Think?

Millions of Americans believe it's patriotic to support America's serial wars.  And, tens of millions of American Christians believe that the United States must support Israel at all costs while ignoring what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. This amazing, 29 minute documentary, Subconscious War demonstrates dramatically how we are slipping down the slippery slope from thinking for ourselves to believing what we're told.

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Jun 29, 2012

Recovery At Last: OPA, U-DA Man to COPE with the DOPE Plan

Let's face it, the American economy is still sluggish.  The Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke keeps coming up with the same old plans designed to reward the criminal banking class.  What are needed to jump start the economy, are bold new plans. Tom Compton, WHTT's resident humorist, has done it again with three creative ideas for the President to pursue in order to restore the economy to full vitality.

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Feb 28, 2012

Feeding Time At the Fed

Don't miss these helpful hints from our Serious Non-Sequitur Satire Department to improve the workings of the United States government and the privately owned, Federal Reserve System.  Somebody from the Federal Reserve System actually took to heart the suggestion we surreptitiously stuffed into the FED's suggestion box next to our local unemployment office.

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Feb 18, 2012

An Arresting Affair At The Big Box Church

Our resident, unpaid satirist in the WHTT Serious Non-Sequitur Satire Department, Tom Compton, strikes again with a tongue in cheek look at the un-Christ-like beliefs of Christian Zionists and Angry Evangelicals who only seem to care for the modern state of Israel, no matter what it does to the Palestinians that live within its borders.  This piece was written after the deadly attack on Gaza by Israel in Dec., 2008 that lasted 22 days and resulted in the deaths of over 1300 people including over 300 children.

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Jan 3, 2012

John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying for War in the Name of Jesus

Over 40,000,000 American Christians are influenced by what we call, "Angry Evangelicalism," better known as Christian Zionism. Christian Zionists like John Hagee and Benny Hinn wear a mantle of righteousness but often ignore the teachings of Jesus and invoke their will in the name of Jesus, ignoring declarations of Jesus like..."Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God," "Love your neighbor as yourself" and, even "Love your enemy." No wonder so many people dislike and loathe Christians. Show this 4 minute video to your Christian Zionist relatives and friends and ask them "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"  Just to prove to yourself that things have not changed much in over a hundred years, watch the video production of Mark Twain's "War Prayer."

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Nov 17, 2011

Solidarity Palestine Meets Occupy Phoenix

In an act of civil disobedience, 6 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank when they tried to ride a "public" bus for Israeli settlers only.  A solidarity rally was held in Phoenix, AZ in front of City Hall and across the street from the Occupy Phoenix encampment.  The Arizona contingency of We Hold These Truths joined the rally.  We talked with at least 5 Occupiers who were in sympathy with our message.  One occupier even held one of our signs, "No More Wars For Israel."  To read about the Palestinian Freedom Riders go to: "The Freedom Riders of Bus 148"  Also, an excellent video about freedom riders, then and now:  Palestine Freedom Riders.  And, here's a report on the Palestinian Freedom Riders from Australian national TV, not like the U.S. where the event was ignored by the major media:  Palestinian 'freedom riders' in West Bank protest

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Oct 17, 2011

The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy

We Hold These Truths has released our first documentary on Christian Zionism for free viewing on the internet.  This is a must see to understand the nature of a branch of Christianity that puts Israel ahead of Jesus. Ever wonder why so many Christians support America’s many wars, especially in the Middle East? A new Christianity has emerged from the Twentieth Century called Christian Zionism or what could be called, "Angry Evangelicalism," or "Dispensationalism on Steroids." What motivates a nationally known, evangelical preacher like John Hagee to call for a preemptive strike against Iran when it is contrary to what Jesus taught and commanded his followers to do? This “Roots of Zionism” presentation may be the first of its kind with a factual explanation of how Christianity’s latest apostate epidemic was launched with the publishing of C. I. Scofield's reference Bible in 1909, and the influence of the notes in it.  The video can be watched in full screen mode at:

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Sep 21, 2011

John Hagee, Angry Evangelical Preacher, Picked To Lead The New Peoples Army For Future US Wars!

This tongue in cheek piece delivers an idea whose time has come...funding America's future wars at no expense to the United States taxpayers.  Funding will come by passing the hat and will be led by those who want more wars.

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