The US Needs Credible Enemies Like ISIL For Oiling Its War Machinery


Sometimes, you have to step back to get the whole, big picture, of America's latest enemies.  Over the decades, the US has developed many innovative ways to create new enemies.  This Australian documentary, Iraq's Missing Billions (2006), demonstrates this during the US administered, initial rebuilding of Iraq's damaged infrastructure after the 2003 Gulf War.  The squandering of the Iraqis' own money by the US, shown in this documentary, is disgusting, but informative.  For some more relevant background to the ISIL/ISIS/IS phenomena, read John Pilger historical context article, "From Pol Pot to ISIS." Then, if you haven't seen John Pilger's documentary The War You Don't See, watch it to learn how Americans are conditioned to accept the United States' serial wars.  Finally, Mike Whitney's article,"America's 'Terrorist Academy' in Iraq Produced ISIS Leaders," sheds some new light on ISIL.
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