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Israeli Partisans On Warpath in Arizona to Stomp Out Free Speech

April 30, 2019

AZ-House-anti-ant-iBDS-20190320.jpgA group of Palestinian activists in Arizona went down to the state capitol to challenge a well oiled effort by Israeli partisans to introduce a new and "improved" version of a previous anti-BDS (Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions) law that was enacted in 2016, and has, subsequently, been struck down by a federal judge in AZ for violating freedom of speech (for details see: "Bill seeks to replace pro-Israel law found unconstitutional"). A  hearing was held by the Arizona House Committee on  International & State Affairs on Senate bill S.1167, the anti-BDS legislation. Present at the hearing was an Israeli partisan lawyer from Washington, DC  arguing for the anti-BDS legislation. Ultimately, the bill passed the House of Representatives by a margin of 37 to 21, with 2 abstentions. It, also, passed passed the Senate and was signed into law by the governor. It is interesting to note that the 2016 legislation passed by a larger margin of 46-14 in the House. Opposition is growing! ACLU lawyer, Brian Hauss sums it up in his article "Arizona Lawmakers Running Scared After Anti-Boycott Law Ruled Unconstitutional." And, more encouraging news comes from Texas where another anti-BDS law has been declared unconstitutional in a federal court ("Court Rules Texas Anti-Boycott Law is Unconstitutional, Protects First Amendment Right to Boycott"). This 28 minute podcast discusses and analyzes the inspirational challenges made to the legislation in Arizona.

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