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The Struggle To Save Al-Aqsa And The Holy Land

The people of Philistine do not deserve to be forgotten or neglected. Support our efforts to keep alive in the minds and hearts of Americans, their duty to fight for justice in Philistine. Deliberately misinformed Americans are responsible for and are the only people who can stop the injustice, apartheid and genocide that is being committed in this Holy Land, against the innocent people of the ancient Biblical land of Samson and Delilah, and David and Goliath. You can now do your part by purchasing the film entitled "The Struggle to Save Al-Aqsa and the Holy Lands", produced during the last Intifada, 2001, so you can become informed of the truth certain people in America and the government don't want you to know about the work your tax money is doing in the Holy Lands.

This production and its narrative is a chronology of the development of the Zionist State of “Israel” in the holy lands and its threat to the religious sovereignty and integrity of the Middle East and the world. It also clarifies, for us, the thinking of those who hate us for our hypocrisy and come to our country to kill us and make us pay for untold atrocities committed against their families and friends in your name.

"The Struggle to Save Al-Aqsa and the Holy Lands" begins with the father of Zionism, Theodore Hertzel and ends with the last Intifada when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon provoked this bloodbath of innocent children in 2001. This film documents the impact of the spy T.E. Lawrence, Lord James Arthur Balfour, the British Evangelical Zionist, the League of Nations and the United Nations.

This film chronicles the massacres perpetrated by the “Israeli” occupation force, to steal more land and eliminate more of the people of Philistine. These massacres have defined the longest occupation in history from 1948 in Kafr Qasim through the 1950s, 60s and 70s to the massacre of women and children at the UN outpost in Qana, Lebanon 48 years later and is still ongoing.

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Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1

This documentary is also a miniature drama of war, partly photographed in Gaza six years before most of us knew there was a Gaza occupation. It is purposely only 32 minutes long...brief enough to be shown on a laptop in a pastor's study. It will hold the interest of teenagers, mothers, and the most outspoken religious critics. It leaves little room for serious challenge from pastors, theologians, or seminarians. It will explain Christian Zionism to anyone, from misled evangelicals, to those of other religions, or no religion at all. It explains WHY evangelical leaders have become Christian Zionists and who gains from it! Every other documentary we have seen, and some are very professional, leave this vital fact to your imagination by suggesting Christian Zionism is a huge and inexplicable error. We show it to be a deliberate deception!

Christian Zionism:  The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1 

Download (wmv file): $10.00

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