Apr 10, 2015

US Treasury Bonds: The Godfather of All Bubbles

The most dangerous man-madeBondMarket-01.jpg bubble of all time may be the 30-year-old bull market in US Treasury bonds, aka as USDebt.  USDebt has been purposely manipulated by the Federal Reserve System, a private banking cartel, upwards to become a crap game on Wall Street.  According to Chuck Carlson, USDebt has become a yawning, sink hole for American investors, who own it, but who do not know it exists.  Caveat emptor! [Read Chuck's in depth ARTICLE for additional insights]

Feb 27, 2013

Devaluation Risk of Shekel Bonds

Find out what's behind the move to introduce legislation in states and cities across the US to allow the investment of public funds in "debt obligations backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Israel."  Chuck Carlson and others in Colorado are challenging legislation being introduced to buy Israeli bonds.  Chuck has found out there is a dark and down side to such investments.