Dec 15, 2014

Corn For Food, Not Ethanol Fuel

This two minute video, produced by Corn For Food Not Fuel, explains how our nation's policy of burning corn in our gas tanks is causing an increase in the price of meat and poultry at the grocery store.
And, the use of corn ethanol for fuel doesn't make sense for environmental reasons, either.  For more detailed analysis on the ethanol issue check out these resources: 1. Articles by Chuck Carlson: Ethanol and Starvation; 2. Podcasts by Chuck Carlson: Ethanol; 3. "It's Final - Corn Ethanol Is of No Use," James Conca, Forbes, 4/20/2014
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Mar 9, 2011

Ethanol: It Makes No Sense For A Fuel Additive

Our special guest is Russell Walker, a Chemical Engineer who will discuss some easy to understand chemistry of ethanol and why it is a bad additive to gasoline.


Mar 2, 2011

Ethanol Subsidy: An Engineered Food Monopoly, Part 5

Ethanol: Worth Less for Fuel, Trigger for World Food Revolts, Part V. Former President Bill Clinton has connected world famine to the US Ethanol Industry. We also discuss some of the science of burning ethanol, a very inefficient fuel.


Feb 23, 2011

Ethanol Subsidy: An Engineered Food Monopoly, Part 4

Part 4 of our series is entitled "Tilting the supply curb to force grain and meat prices higher." The major media has, for the most part, ignored the man-made shortage of food caused by the United States.


Jan 25, 2011

Ethanol Subsidy: An Engineered Food Monopoly, Parts 2 & 3

We continue with our discussions on the rise in food prices attributed to the ethanol subsidies.


Jan 18, 2011

Ethanol Subsidy: An Engineered Food Monopoly, Part 1

On Dec 23, 2010, our Congress almost secretly and without significant news coverage, voted to continue subsidies to the ethanol and corn industry that gave the industry a 45-cent per gallon tax credit on every gallon of ethanol-blended gasoline and a 54-cent tariff on foreign ethanol. Find out why food prices are rising.