Investigating Christian Zionism - 11/23/10


Join We Hold These Truths' founders Chuck Carlson, Travis Steele and Tom Compton on the inaugural broadcast for Podbean. Included in the program is our Unheralded News portion of the program on important news of the day with analysis. In our investigation of beliefs of Christian Zionists, we discuss the Sermon of the Mount by Jesus in context with Christian Zionists' beliefs.


  • jean snyder

    How do I subscribe to Christ Bible study?

    Jean, thanks for your inquiry. If you don’t know about RSS feeds (and either do we), the easiest way to subscribe is to do it through iTunes. Download iTunes at: Click on the “Download iTunes” button. After installing, open iTunes up and click on “iTunes Store” link. In “Search” box enter “whtt”. Our podcast listing will pop up. Click on the “Subcribe” button. Then, when a new Bible Study is posted, it will appear in the Library section under “Podcasts.” If this is not helpful, ask any 10 year old (or older) with an mp3 player and it’s very likely they can help you.

    Toward The Strait Gate, Tom Compton

    Apr 12, 2011 at 10:49 am