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When Israel Attacked US Liberty

When Israel Attacked US Liberty

September 29, 2020

USS-Liberty-01a.pngIf Israel is the only true US ally in the Middle East why would Israeli forces deliberately attack the USS Liberty surveillance ship sitting in international waters during the 1967 "Six-Day War"? And, why would President Lyndon Johnson order the cover-up of the attack that killed 34 and wounded 172 of the 294 man complement? Craig Hanson of We Hold These Truths delves into the little known history that has been so successfully hidden for over 50 years. References: TruNews - "Sacrificing Liberty trailer (2020); TruNews - "Q & A with the USS Liberty survivors" (2020); TruNews - "USS Liberty Survivors detail horrors of attack and theft of America" (2020); USS Liberty Veterans Association - "Claims, Facts & Comments" (2020); BBC - "The USS Liberty Incident: Dead in the Water" (2002);  Al Jazeera - "The Day Israel Attacked America" (2014); "Attack on the USS Liberty: Eye Witness Testimony by Don Pageler" (2013).

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