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$64,000 Question: Who Would Jesus Bomb? Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee Says Iran

September 11, 2012

To millions of American evangelical Christians, "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" is a $64,000 question.  Especially, if they think the question is connected to the state of Israel.  In this podcast we discuss an interchange between one of We Hold These Truths' directors and a substitute Sunday school teacher at his Bible believing church.  When asked the $64,000 question, the first time, the substitute said that it wasn't covered in the Bible.  And, besides, he went on to say that the people of Iran are not "loveable" and want war.  This is quite an eyeopening program.  For background information on the phenomena of Christian Zionism in evangelical churches throughout America, check out Chuck Carlson's 2001 paper, "Sherry's War:"  Part 1 & Part 2.  You can see John Hagee calling for a preemptive strike against Iran in our documentary, The Roots of Christian Zionism.

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