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American Christians, Israel and Zionism

January 19, 2021

In this video, our founder, Charles E. Carlson speaks about his solo walk-in visit to the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip in March 2002. There he witnessed and filmed an Israeli bombing raid from the roof of a building owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. Chuck gave this account to members of the Institute for Historical Review two years later. The video account of this bombing raid can be seen in our documentary, “The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy”. In the second segment of this 50-minute talk, he explains Zionist Christian's distortion of the bible and why its followers support Israel despite its documented brutality toward the Palestinians. His talk marked the beginning of We Hold These Truths' nineteen-year study of and challenge to the biblical corruption that has fostered Israel's unbroken history of killings. The publication referred by Chuck in his presentation is "The Source of Our War Problem: Why Judeo-Christians Do Not Demand Peace".

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