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American Housewife Challenges the US Narrative on the War in Syria

January 9, 2019

Kortkamp_Janice-03.jpgThe War in Syria is NOT a “civil war”; is NOT a “popular uprising,” but is a US and allies’ long-time, planned and orchestrated regime change war, using terrorists and mercenary, proxy, armed groups. This is what American housewife, Janice Kortkamp concluded after four years of intensive study on the issue, and after several fact finding trips to Syria. Janice recounts her incredible journey to understand what's going on in Syria in this 1 hr. 25 min. video presentation she made to the Syrian American Forum in Boston. Also, she was interviewed by We Hold These Truths, "American Christian Housewife Travels Alone Across War Targeted Syria." Be sure to visit Janice's website, packed with information about the war on Syria and what she is doing to spread the truth about the situation there: "Syria Resources Archive."

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