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Challenging A War Willing Church

May 25, 2017


Why is it that the teachings of Jesus, like "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" and "Blessed Are the Peacemakers," take a back seat to millions of Christians that are influenced by the religious dogma known as Christian Zionism? In this short video, We Hold These Truths returns to Calvary Community Church (CCC) in Phoenix, AZ. One of our first vigils was held in front of this church in November of 2002, four months before the second war on Iraq started. Back in 2002, our signs like "Choose Life Not War," "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" "Blessed Are The Peacemakers," and "No More Wars For Israel" must have befuddled the congregants at CCC, because they came out and raised the Israeli flag. The occasion for this most recent vigil at CCC was the hosting of a "God's Heart For Israel" event sponsored by the organization Together For Israel. To demonstrate the war willingness of Christian Zionists to accept wars to protect Israel, the "War Prayer" by Christian Zionist preacher, John Hagee concludes this 4 minute video. To better understand the theology of Christian Zionism, watch our award winning documentary: "Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I."

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