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“Chemical Attack” Evidence in Syria Debunked

April 19, 2018

Syria-Douma-Fake-Chemical-Attack-20180407-02.jpgHassan Diab, a young boy from Douma, Syria didn't know he was being recruited for a "chemical attack" video that was made by some local rebels, and, that went viral. The US, UK and France used this type of evidence to justify a military strike on Syria. Evgeny Poddubny, a war correspondent from Russian broadcaster VGTRK, found the boy in the video. Hassan's "story differed from the one presented by the activists and later propagated by the mainstream media. He was in the basement with his mother, who said they ran out of food, when they heard some noise outside.  'Somebody was shouting that we had to go to the hospital, so we went there. When I came in, some people grabbed me and started pouring water over my head,' he told Evgeny Poddubny...Hassan confirmed that he was the boy in the video, and was very scared when the whole situation unfolded. He is now fine and shows no symptoms of having experienced a chemical attack two weeks ago." This 2 minute video should lead any honest observer to question the US government's policy of shooingt first and asking questions later. References: "Boy in Douma ‘Chem Attack’ Video Says He Was Lured With Cookies, Then Sprayed With Water,"The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack" by Robert Fisk of the Independent, "Must See Report on Syria War by FOX Newsman, Tucker Carlson," "Former UK Ambassador Reveals Truth About Syria" interview by Ron Paul.

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