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Christian Zionism Is Genocide Idolatry

August 4, 2014
Chuck CaCarlson-01.jpgrlson of We Hold These Truths has described Israeli's "Operation Protective Edge" in Gaza as genocide against the Palestinians.  As of 8/4/2014, "the Palestinian death toll surpassed 1,800 [Palestinians], 80% of whom are civilians according to UN estimates. About 460,000 people in Gaza have been displaced since the start of the conflict. Three civilians in Israel have been killed." (theguardian.com)  This is an interview with Chuck Carlson on Dr. Kevin Barrett's 7/31/2014 "Truth Jihad Radio" show. On the same day Christians United For Israel is telling their supporters to "tell Kerry that Israel - NOT Hamas - is our ally!" while blaming Hamas for the deaths of civilians.

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