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Christian Zionists and the Christchurch Massacre

April 1, 2019

Sign-Where_Are_The_Peace_Makers.jpgAmerican Christian Zionists have wholeheartedly supported the war on Islam to protect Israel and harbor a fear and loathing of Muslims and Islam. Christian Zionist preacher, John Hagee confirmed this notion when he prayed, before the 2003 war on Iraq, for the US to go to war to protect Israel (see, "John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying for Israel in the Name of Jesus").  In this lively, 16 minute podcast, that you won't find on the MSM, Chuck Carlson and Craig Hanson of We Hold These Truths discuss Chuck's article, "Christchurch Massacre: Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible."

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