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Christian Zionists Promote Four Blood Moons, Israel, End Times & Abhor Palestinians

June 2, 2015
We Hold These Truths' intrepid, Bay Area vigil leader, Craig Hanson, conducted a "Vigil of One" at a Christians United For Israel "Four Blood Moons" event, held at a Stockton, CA church, with amazing results. Most of the hundreds of people in attendance knew he was there with his signs prominently on display as they drove in to the church parking lot. He even generated a counter protest, and, remarkably, one of the church pastors came out twice to dialogue with Craig to sincerely find out why Craig was there and what our mission is. In this podcast you'll learn about the hoopla behind the not-so-biblical "Four Blood Moons" idea that, supposedly, points to an imminent end times event. This was truly an inspiring and encouraging vigil for us, and we think you will find it remarkable, too. For more background information on the "Four Blood Moons" push, see here, and here.

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