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Christian Zionists Snap at the Heels of A Man From Galilee: Archbishop Elias Chacour

May 15, 2019

An Israeli, Arab, Christian  priest and educator got mixed responses at local area churches: warmth and respect from Presbyterians, and a mixture of love and ice water at an Israelist church (this is clear from the questions at the end of this compelling presentation by Archbishop Chacour at this church). Archbishop Elias Chacour is a rotund 69 year old dynamo. As a child of eight he was made homeless by the Israeli army, but against all odds, he and his family stayed in Israel long after most of his villagers became forced refugees elsewhere.  He went on to become one of the most important educators of Arab children, and a Christian citizen of Israel. There, he built schools that teach over 3000, Christian & Muslim children in Galilee, northern Israel.  At the time of the talk, he had just been appointed Archbishop over several Melkite Catholic Churches that are sanctioned by Israel within its territory.  Archbishop Chacour is author of Blood Brothers (Arabs and Israelis) and is a proven advocate of peace, preaching love of all races as his “only weapon.”

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