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Chuck Carlson: An Overiew of the Dangers of Christian Zionism with Susan Lindauer

October 20, 2014
CarlsonChuck-CovertReport-02.jpgWe Hold Tese Truths' founder, Chuck Carlson was interviewed by Susan Lindauer on her program, The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer. This is how Susan introduced Chuck:  "Today’s guest is Charles Carlson, one of the foremost critics of Christian Zionism from “We Hold These Truths–” a pro-peace, pro-life group that has been hosting vigils at large evangelical churches across America, challenging their support for Israel, for over a decade....Carlson explains that Christian Zionists are guided by one simple principle–that the State of Israel fulfills biblical prophecy. For indeed, Christian Zionists believe Israel’s rise– and destruction by God, caused by its hubris and abuses– are preconditions for God to send the Messiah as part of the End Times Movement. Unless we wake up the masses, as a direct consequence of this Zionist philosophy, the global community is guaranteed to face endless cycles of destruction in the Middle East for years to come."  Check out Susan's other insightful interviews with other well known activists, like Cynthia McKinney, at The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer.

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