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Compassionate Grandmothers Needed To Care About The Palestinian Children In Gaza Being Killed Indescrimately By Israel

July 15, 2014
Asma weeps at the funeral of her brother, Gomha Abu Shalouf [Killed by the IDF in Operation Protective Edge - 7/8/2014] Image: AP/Press Association Images

Many Grandmothers in America aren't aware of the collective punishment being unmercifully committed against the Palestinians in Gaza during Israel's latest planned assault, "Operation Protective Edge."  An estimated 75% of the casualties are civilians, with a large percentage being women and children. We try to answer a grandma who didn't think about the innocent children being killed when she parroted a question she learned from our media, "What about all the rockets Hamas launches? Doesn't Israel have a right to protect itself?"  It seems most Americans have lost the capacity to ask questions to challenge what they are being spoon fed by the US government, the main stream media and the Zionist lobby. In this program we look behind the curtain at the human tragedy side of Operation Protective Edge that should make a Grandma weep.

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