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Pastor Greg Boyd Explains Pro-Israel Scripture Twisting

July 4, 2015


About 80% of evangelicals believe that the nation of Israel is still God’s chosen land. One view, known as “Christian Zionism” is the belief that the nation of Israel is still central to God’s plan – that the Jews are still God’s chosen people, that the land that was given to the nation of Israel by God is still their land by divine right, and, that anyone who tries to take it away from the Jews will incur the wrath of God.  But there are important things at stake here in the “twisted scriptures” used to justify the Christian Zionist position.  Many Christians are obstructing peace in the Middle East. Misinterpreting what the Bible says about the nation of Israel can have huge ramifications for how we think about God, the Gospel message, Jesus, and so on, says Pastor Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills Church in his powerful and unique message.  For more videos on Christian Zionism, Click Here.

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