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Dr. Paul Larudee: Syria In The Crosshairs

June 24, 2014
Dr. Paul Larudee, co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement, has just returned from Syria where he was an election observeLarudeePaul-05.jpgr for the presidential election held there.  This was his third trip to Syria in just over a year.  If you believe the assessment of the situation in Syria by the US government and our main stream media, you will not want to hear the amazing insights Dr. Larudee has observed first hand and thoroughly analyzed.  In just over 30 minutes you will be able to better understand "the big picture" in Syria.  You'll learn what are the roles of the international cast of groups, like ISIS, and countries involved in the conflict:  United States, Russia, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Then, to keep current with what's going on in Syria, Paul recommends visiting the Syria Solidarity Movement's website.     

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