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Educating Bernando LaPallo About Palestine On His 114th Birthday

September 14, 2015
We took the occasion of Bernando LaPallo's 114th birthday celebration to plant some seeds about the Israel/Palestine issue.  Our gift to Bernando was the inspiring documentary, "Al Helm:  Martin Luther King in Palestine."  In this 7 1/2 minute video about our presentation to Bernando, we included at the end, the 2 1/2 minute "Al Helm..." trailer (a crash course on the conflict).  "Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine" is about a black American, Christian choir that accompanies a Palestinian theater troupe in a play about Dr. Martin Luther King in which Dr. King is played by a Palestinian.  The play was performed in several cities in the West Bank of Palestine.  None of the choir members had been to Israel before.  Their firsthand experiences in Palestine opened their eyes to the brutal nature of the Israeli occupation that Palestinians live under.   

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