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Iktashef: Holy Land Trust Experience in Palestine

October 5, 2017

HLT-2017-01.jpgIn the US, the Israeli side of the Israel/Palestine conflict is the predomnant narrative presented by our main stream media and government. After all, the US government gives Israel over $10 million every day. Besides, we Americans have been educated that the Palestinians are terrorists and that they launch rockets against Israel and don't want peace. We Hold These Truths' Arizona Outreach Director, Tom Compton, spent a month in Palestine and Israel, based in Bethlehem, to find out more about what's really happening there. The Holy Land Trust, offered a unique, on the ground experience called Iktashef (Arabic for "discover"), that presented voices from both sides of the conflict. In this 22 minute podcast, Tom Compton, gives an overview and highlights of his adventure and explains the upcoming series "Voices In Palestine Crying Out For Peace and Justice" from We Hold These Truths. (Picture: Tom Compton and Ophelie, an intern from France at Holy Land Trust)

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