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Israeli Siege On Gaza Continues After Attack One Year Ago

July 9, 2015


In this eye-opening, two minute video from UK's Channel 4 News, the on the ground comparison from after the Israeli 51 day attack on Gaza ending in August, 2014 and June, 2015, shows how very little of the damage has been repaired.  A Channel 4 story, "Destruction in Gaza - a year after massive conflict" quotes Stephanie Dujarric, a UN secretary-general spokesman, "315 days after the conflict took place, not a single totally destroyed house, of which there are over 12,000 [over 100,000 houses were damaged], has been rebuilt...This leaves some 120,000 people homeless, coming in addition to the high level of youth unemployment and lack of prospect for Gaza's youth.  This situation leaves a time bomb for the region, said the commissioner general." End the Israeli Siege on Gaza, Now!

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