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Jesus Not Welcomed At Christian Zionist Event

September 5, 2015


In this 22 minute podcast, We Hold These Truths' California Outreach Director, Craig Hanson, talks about a successful and eyeopening, one man vigil at a Christian Zionist event honoring Israel, that was hosted by the Israel Fellowship and held at the South Bay Agape Christian Church (a Chinese fellowship) in San Jose, CA).  The organizers invited Christians United For Israel (CUFI) to do one of their "Standing With Israel" events, but with a twist, it was conducted in Mandarin Chinese.  A pastor from the church came out to speak with Craig.  He said that the church leaders were told by the organizers not to talk about Jesus at the event.  This confirms our suspicions that Jesus takes a back seat, or, no seat at all, at Christian Zionist events designed to worship Israel.  Be sure to listen to get the rest of Craig's fascinating report.  To learn more on why Christian Zionist believe what they do, watch our award winning film, Christian Zionism:  The Tragedy & The Turning

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