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Jimmy Carter Says Near Zero Chance of Israel Giving Palestinians a State

August 18, 2015


In this 15 minute program, we discuss former President Jimmy Carter's recent pronouncement, after another trip to the Holy Land, that there is almost zero chance of Israel granting a state to the Palestinians.  In fact, the Zionists never really intended for any Palestinians to be living in Israel. The 1919 "King-Crane Report" to President Woodrow Wilson. as mentioned in our program, reported the dangers of the Zionist plan:  "We recommend, in the fifth place, serious modification of the extreme Zionist program for Palestine of unlimited immigration of Jews, looking finally to making Palestine distinctly a Jewish State...and that the project for making Palestine distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be give up." (see. also "The Hope and Ultimate Tragedy of the 1919 King-Crane Report")

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