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John Hagee & Christian Zionists Are Deceiving Minorities about the Israel/Palestine Conflict

May 5, 2015
Christians United For Israel, headed by JohCUFI-FaithCenter-03.jpgn Hagee, now has a Diversity Outreach Ministry Coordinator to reach out to black and Hispanic churches to drum up more support for Israel.  In this podcast we report on a We Hold These Truths' vigil held at a CUFI event conducted at a small black church near Phoenix, AZ.  Included in our report is a very interesting, short conversation with the pastor who revealed his Christian Zionist leanings.  For background on this vigil, listen to our podcast, "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Decried the War in Vietnam, Christian Zionists Pray For War."  There were three of us conducting the vigil while there were less than 25 in attendance (our percentage of vigilers to the number of CUFI attendees increased dramatically over previous CUFI events where we conducted vigils).  Perhaps, blacks and Hispanics recognize that the Palestinians are the underdogs in the conflict, and, not the Israeli Jews.  We gave the pastor a copy of the inspiring documentary, "Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine" and asked him to watch it.  Overcoming religious dogma about the modern state of Israel is a very difficult thing to do for the tens of millions of American Christians held in the grip of Christian Zionist ideology.

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