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Messianic Judaism: Jewish Led Movement Spreads Zionism

March 25, 2015


We look at the rise of the Messianic Judaism movement [for example, New Apostolic Restoration (NAR) and  Fellowhip of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM)] that is supplanting the in your face, brash, Christian Zionism exemplified by the likes of John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and others.  A Jewish person who becomes a Christian is known as a Messianic Christian practicing Messianic Judaism.   Messianic congregations consist mostly of non-Jewish believers shepherded by a Messianic Christian preacher and acting out Judaism.  One of the key tenants of Messianic Judaism is the belief that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  In this podcast you will find out if Messianic Judaism is more focused on Judaism than on the Messiah.  For more background on Meessianic Judaism, listen to "The Judaizing Elements of the Messianic Movement" by Cesar Ahron, a Jewish convert to Christianity, who offers a constructive critique on the Messianic movement.  

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