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New York Times Investigates the Killing of Palestinian Medic Rouzan al-Najjar in Gaza

January 14, 2019

An_Israeli_Soldier_Killed_a_Medic_in_Gaza_We_Investigated_the_Fatal_Shot-NYT-02.jpgThe New York Times has done something remarkable by producing a 17 minute video, investigation report about the killing of Palestinian medic Rouzan al-Najjar during a protest in Gaza on June 1, 2018 as reported in their article, "A Day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in Gaza, Was It an Accident?" Rouzan was not protesting, but rushing to aid a wounded demonstrator. According to Mark Regev, Israeli ambassador to Britain, "... and we [Israel] only use live fire in a measured and surgical way." David Keyes, an Israeli government spokesman assured us that, "Israel only targeted people who are actively engaged in violence." And Michael Oren, an American born Israeli and a former Israeli ambassador to the US, claimed, "We [Israel] have a very specific record of every shot fired." Also, be sure to watch the 11 minute video by The Real News, "When The New York Times Investigates Israel’s Killings in Gaza, That’s News" for an excellent analysis of NYT's article and investigation. Also, please read Chuck Carlson's article, "Israel Shooting To Cripple and Maim."


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