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Occasionally Truth About Palestine Gets Reported on MSM

May 16, 2018

CBS News aired on May 14, 2018 a most amazing and insightful, 9 minute interview with Noura Erakat, a Palestinian American, human rights attorney, activist and an Assistant Professor at George Mason University. Professor Erakat explains the Palestinian side in the context of the ongoing demonstrations by Gazans and killings by Israel of Palestinians in Gaza, and, the dedication of the US embassy in Jerusalem. After reflecting on the interview, Noura made this comment on her FB page: "I want to clarify my comments on the CBS interview regarding Hamas. In the beginning I said, "...Palestinians don't want Hamas either..." It was a mistake on my part to make it seem like critique of Hamas is absolutist. I meant to say, and should have said, "not all Palestinians support Hamas..." in order to demonstrate the point that that is a straw man argument and a distraction from what is happening on the ground. I own that and it is a reflection that I am still learning to respond well and effectively under pressure. May we all continue to grow and work together for freedom." Also, check out Noura's follow up piece to the video interview that appeared in the Washington Post: "Palestinians have no choice but to continue the struggle."

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