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Pastor Chuck Baldwin Thinks Evangelical Christian Zionists Are Driving Americans to Atheism

April 11, 2019

Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin was a Christian Zionist and a protege of Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority in the 1970's. Falwell was a diehard, theological supporter of the modern state of Israel. Israel appreciated Falwell's support so much that they gave him a Lear jet in 1979. Dr. Baldwin has an "insiders" view of the evangelical church and his article "Evangelicals Unwittingly Pushing America Toward Atheism And Paganism" points to his credentials and confirms his accusations.

This 32 minute podcast is an in depth look at Dr. Baldwin's article, in an interview with Jerry Barrett of Power of Prophecy. Dr. Baldwin notes that "The only groups of people in the United States that support and clamor for more war are Zionist neocons and evangelical Christians (most of whom are also Zionists). Everyone else is sick of war!...Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, among others in Trump’s administration, are touted as being “great Christians.” They say Pompeo keeps an open Bible on his desk. Over and over, these people are loudly lauded as “great Christians.” Haley spent her entire tenure as U.S. Ambassador defending Israel’s indefensible wars and military atrocities. She was nothing but a total toady for Zionist Israel." For background on Dr. Baldwin's story of awakening to the deception of Christian Zionist theology, listen to our podcast, " Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin Rejects Christian Zionism." Also, our interview "Chuck Baldwin on Trump’s Wall & Swamp Creatures" is most revealing.

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