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Protesters Greet Ivanka Trump During California Stop

June 30, 2018

We Hold These Truths' California, Central Valley, Outreach Director, Dave Jacobs, spotted media at the Fresno, CA airport, while he was driving by. He found out that President Donald Trumps' daughter, Ivanka was arriving in Fresno for a Republican fundraising luncheon. Dave retreived his signs and went back to the airport to greet Ivanka and her entourage. Chants of "No More Wars For Israel" can be heard on the video report showing Ivanka leaving the airport. With some super sleuthing, Dave was able to find out where Ivanka was heading for lunch. Then, Dave and his crew showed up at the offices of Harris Construction with some other protestors. This got reported in local TV news reports (1 min. 18 seconds).

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