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Solidarity Palestine Meets Occupy Phoenix

November 17, 2011

In an act of civil disobedience, 6 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank when they tried to ride a "public" bus for Israeli settlers only.  A solidarity rally was held in Phoenix, AZ in front of City Hall and across the street from the Occupy Phoenix encampment.  The Arizona contingency of We Hold These Truths joined the rally.  We talked with at least 5 Occupiers who were in sympathy with our message.  One occupier even held one of our signs, "No More Wars For Israel."  To read about the Palestinian Freedom Riders go to: "The Freedom Riders of Bus 148"  Also, an excellent video about freedom riders, then and now:  Palestine Freedom Riders.  And, here's a report on the Palestinian Freedom Riders from Australian national TV, not like the U.S. where the event was ignored by the major media:  Palestinian 'freedom riders' in West Bank protest

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