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The Killing of Innocent Palestinian Children by Israel Convicts A Christian Zionist

May 20, 2014
During Operation Cast Lead by the Israeli Occupation Forces ending in Jan., 2009, over 300 Gaza-2009-01a.gifinnocent, Palestinian children, such as this child from Gaza, were brutally murdered.
Lorrie Rutledge, from Michigan, was a Christian Zionist but she didn't know she was one because her pastors had told her that the modern state of Israel was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and deserved support by Christians, and, she never questioned them.  One day, a friend of Lorrie asked her to watch a video that showed pictures of murdered Palestinian children.  Lorrie went to work to find out if what she saw was really true.  This podcast is about Lorrie's journey out of Christian Zionism.  Don't miss it. It's very inspiring.  And, if your not sure about the Israeli treatment against Palestinian children, you need to watch the recent Australian Broadcasting Company's documentary about the brutal and ongoing attacks against Palestinian Children.  Click Here

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