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US Proxy Israel is Declaring Unlimited War on Iran, and Maybe Russia

October 5, 2017

Eisenhower-MIC-01.jpgBoth the United States and its proxy, Israel, have war based economies. It's no secret that the US gives Israel $10,000,000 every day to support its military, and, to bolster the US' own Military/Industrial Complex (MIC). We Hold These Truths' Chuck Crlson discusses recent military actions by Israel in Syria that could lead to a disastrous expansion of the wars in the Middle East. In this 21 minute program, Chuck Carlson also explains the connection between the MIC and the Federal Reserve System, and, coins a new acronym, FED-MIC. (For background, see Chuck's article, "US Proxy Israel Is Declaring Unlimited War on Iran, and Maybe Russia.")  

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