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What If Israeli Youth Decide To End Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

February 2, 2013

Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi teamed up with Palestinian farmer, Emad Burnat, to create a documentary, 5 Broken Cameras, that has been nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Documentary."  It tells the story of the non-violent protests conducted, over seven years, by a West Bank village, Bil'in (surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements) in an effort to stop the confiscation of Palestinian lands by Israel.  The Israeli Ministry of Education has banned the showing of the film in schools, although it has been aired on two Israeli documentary channels and shown at theaters.  This short video shows the reaction to a film showing to a group of Israeli students.  Watch this and you will be amazed at the hope that this film could generate on both sides of the conflict.  We've seen 5 Broken Cameras and it is very powerful and moving.

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